Affiliate Program

Join CHARITY4YOU with N5,000 or ($10) support for charity to prisons, hospitals, motherless baby homes people to support their education and businesses and enjoy multiple Financial charity contributions from the global community of members as follows 

2 x 5000 = 10k--------Thanks

4 x 10000 = 40k----- 4×Tshirt&cap(1k)

8 x 20k =  160k-------8xwatch(2k)

16 x 40k = 640k------16xPbanks(4k)

32 x 80k  = 2.56M----32xFans(8k)

64 x 160k =10.24M---64xoven(16k)

128 x 320k = 40.96M---128xphones(32k)

256 x 640k =  163.84M-256xTabs(64k)

512 x 1.28M= 655.36M--512xLaptops(128k)

1,024 x 2.560M = 2.621B 1,024 x Solar installations/Generators(250k)

CHARITY4YOU is a lifetime association that cares about your welfare and that of your family in 5 basic ways

1. Earn upto N3.5B or ($7M) in charitable contributions from the cooperative community 

2. Enjoy personal development training from A4W 

3. Enjoy Business Support from 

4. Enjoy Support for your Ceremonies like, weddings, child dedications and anniversaries 

5. Enjoy Support for your Charitable Goodwill 

Enjoy Charity with Us.... 

Chrisolam Awam

Charity4Academy Brand Ambassador 

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